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We run a CAD Studio, fully equipped with the latest pattern making, grading and marker making software, for the benefit of garment makers who want to outsource the making of patterns.

Jobwork Services at our Studio:

  • Making first pattern through the measurement specs and sketch/sample of garment

  • Graded pattern outputs

  • Fabric consumptions

  • File conversions (data exchange between files from other CAD systems).

  • A service we provide exclusively to all Richpeace CAD users: Any Richpeace CAD user with Internet access can send us any files received from their buyers in DXF, DXF AAMA, IBA, GGT, TMP, etc., formats. We will mail them back the files in Richpeace format. The Richpeace CAD users can mail us the files on

  • Pattern/Marker Plotting

Fashion Design Models

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