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We offer AMC services for regular maintenance of your software and hardware, for uninterrupted working of your CAD, after the warranty period is over, on a chargeable basis, which offers the following benefits to customers.


  • You've made your investment in the Richpeace Garment CAD equipment that your company uses on a daily basis. A smart way to make the most of this investment is to go for an annual maintenance contract.

  • For a small annual fee, SNI will give you all preventative maintenance and repairs. The AMC covers costs on account of labour, mileage (if on site), software and hardware support, no matter how many times the equipment breaks down.

  • You can confidently budget a fixed amount and won't be subject to unexpected repair bills for the duration of the contract. Customers with service contracts receive the highest priority; so your most vital equipment will be repaired quickly and save you potentially thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

  • Software updates would be provided free of cost if you have an AMC.

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