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Studio Next started off in 2003 with a small investment and big hopes of making a difference to the textile and garment industry. All they had was some understanding of the needs of the industry and some solutions that looked promising.


The idea was to create a USP through products that not only offered state-of-the-art solutions, but also were also user-friendly and came at most reasonable and honest prices. Studio Next has always believed that technology must be easy to use, must help boost efficiency and productivity, and must not cost a fortune.


Each of our beliefs has been borne out by a growing base of our customers across the country, most of whom like to go for repeat orders. Studio Next Inc is today counted among the leading suppliers of CAD/CAM solutions and services in India.


The founding team members of Studio Next comprise professionals from the field of Electronics and Telecommunication, Business Management in Marketing, Masters in Textile Chemistry and Clothing, with good understanding of the functioning of the Apparel Industry.


They have widespread industry experience of 12-15 years dealing in the sales and consultancy of hi-end CAD/CAM, design and cutting room solutions. They are experts in providing pre and post sales technical support, software training and implementations and software and hardware troubleshooting experts handling these hi-end CAD/CAM solutions.


Technology for all at a very honest price


India's garment industry has been quite slow in adopting modern technology because of garment makers' inability to make investment in better technology, cheap labour that's available to them, and lack of information about cost-effective technology solutions. This technological obsolescence has come into sharp relief in the age of globalization and ever-intensifying competition from other countries.

For thousands of small and medium-sized garment makers of India and millions of talented workers, the choice is clear: upgrade technologically OR watch their technologically superior competitors take the lead. Our experience shows that the garment industry is choosing the path of technological modernization. More and more garment makers are, for instance, switching over to computer-aided design (CAD).


Technology adoption, however, comes with its own set of complexities. With a welter of vendors, products, claims and counterclaims, the technology bazaar can be noisy and confusing. There is a lot of information gap between technology vendors and buyers. So our first job is to patiently listen to a potential customer to understand the 'shop floor reality'– the needs that can be most optimally addressed by the design solutions that we can offer.


We help our buyers in making an informed buying decision and help them assess the costs and benefits of what we have to offer.