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Studio Next, founded in 2003, is India’s one of the most trusted CAD/CAM technology solution provider for the garment, automobile, luggage, furniture & technical textile industry. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has grown steadily and made a mark for itself in the industry.

Studio Next currently has over 2000 customers across the country.


Our diverse competencies are designed to cater to the wide-ranging needs of a growing organization. We offer software solutions, design consultancy, implementation of turnkey projects, and jobwork to the garment industry.

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Our CAD/CAM solutions and hardware come from the stable of Richpeace, a US$250 million textile and garment technology company based in China.

We also provide training in Richpeace garment CAD software and textile and fashion design software, which have a rapidly growing user-base, as well as skilled personnel to the garment makers.


Shanghai Yin Science & Technology Company Ltd. manufactures computerized machinery for the apparel industry. The Company produces automatic cutting machines, automatic spreading machines, leather cutting machines, computer aided design equipment, and a rapid garment system.

Studio Next is the proud partner of Yin in India.

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Software Solutions




  • Quickly and easily make patterns on screen using the pattern making tools

  • Make patterns with darts, pleats, cut and sew styles using it's special dart, pleat and cut apart options

  • Make puff sleeves, gathered sleeves, using the special tools for sleeves

  • Check the shape of patterns after closing the dart with a special tool and correct if required

  • Feed in the complete measurement specs of a pattern and make one size pattern using formula design, and get auto grading of all sizes

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  • Auto marker, time nesting features for making markers automatically

  • Can open and save files in HPGL format which is a universal plotting format

  • Can calculate the marker cut planning on the basis of materials, colours, order quantities, maximum sets that can be placed in a marker and also maximum plies that can be spread

  • Quickly create a new marker by replacing the sizes in an existing marker by other sizes , by click of a button to work out markers with different size ratios

  • Possibility to save marker in image format, so that it can be sent via email to be viewed by the person where the software is not present, just to check on the average consumption.

  • Can scan and show material texture on the patterns in marker, specially for checks and striped fabrics

  • A special feature available for making markers for engineered or placement print fabrics

  • Can define match points for stripes and checks matching or can also give blocking or re-cutting margins to patterns for checks and striped fabric markers

  • Can calculate the material weight of the entire marker by inputting the GSM of fabric and thus conveniently get the weight of one garment , a very useful feature for knitted fabric markers



  • Can make technical flat 2D sketches, with stitching details, etc.

  • Can design silhouettes, and do draping on models by drag and drop of scanned textures, and thus immediately view the result

  • Can create and modify print textures

  • create woven stripes or checks with different weave structures

  • create colourways for print and woven textures

  • drape photographs with scanned textures

  • create a complete virtual collection of your designs, create storyboards, etc.

  • Good compatibility with photoshop/painter, Microsoft word, excels corel draw, etc.

  • Pantone colour library incorporated in the software for colour matching. - the highlighted sentence is the additional sentence to be added

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  • Pattern Design and Grading tools combined in one window

  • When patterns are adjusted in pattern design window, they automatically get adjusted in the grading window

  • Adjust the grading of patterns created using formula design in the grading window

  • Add seam to all patterns at one time

  • Easily transfer the dart from one place to multiple positions

  • Create patterns for frills, etc.

  • Adjust the grading of notches easily

  • Add double notches

  • Group patterns in a marker, specially useful for checks and striped markers

  • Reverse a complete size set by just one click of a mouse

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  • Different methods of grading like point grading, line grading, body grading, shapely grading , etc not only make grading easier but also more accurate

  • Can grade multiple patterns with similar grading values at one time, by selecting all points to be graded together, thus increasing the speed of working while grading a style.

  • Can see the pattern while it is being digitized , can undo while digitizing and can also digitized complete graded pattern and get them on one sheet as nested pattern in the file

  • Can give lengthwise and width wise shrinkage values to the pattern



  • Read dxf-AAMA, DXF files converted from other CAD systems

  • Directly read gerber and lectra original files

  • Save ggt, lectra, aama, dxf files into richpeace format files easily

  • Save richpeace format files into DXF- AAMA universal format



  • Quickly make auto makers, comparable to manual markers achieving efficiencies better than the manual

  • Save time

  • Save fabric

  • Try making marker with different size and width combinations quickly with realistic values

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  • A software to make patterns for suitcase, handbag, leather luggage industries, etc. It includes pattern design, cost analyzing, cut planning, etc. Widely used for fashion bags, wallets, satchel, camping bags, golf bags, trolley case designing, it is good in cost control, efficiency improvisation, saving of production time and shortening the production cycle directly. It has special tools to create patterns for bags like corner tools, defining stitching details,etc.


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•   Special tools to make patterns for shoes, special tools to give all stitching details and tools to grade the shoe patterns
•    Rapid and simple design of half-plane pattern
•    Auto recognition of pattern cuttings by giving an instruction after input and scanning of pattern
•    Automatic linking after random segmentation
•    Random size arrangement according to object points and grading of uneven arrangement for sale-stitched shoes
•    Data of free setup and grading for height and width of shaft of Frye boots
•    Direct design of outsole pattern, bottom pattern, side pattern and shrinkage pattern after input of last pattern
•    The original software interlace can be set as required by users. The system supports Windows 98/2000/XP and can be connected to any brand in-out equipment

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•    Richpeace Digitizer is very useful in the Garment Industry, Fashion Designing, Mapping, Mining, Punching and Environment Protection.
•    It allows saving most standard settings for more than 30 kinds of software in the option Parameters Setup and supports about 30 kinds of digital formats. It's friendly, compatible and easy to connect with most popular graphic applications.
•    Accurate: Richpeace Digitizer simplifies operation and provides high precision up to 0.127mm.
•    Powerful: Seven models, from A2 to A00, with 16-Button Cursor or 3-Button Pen Stylus, all available.It features faster point output rate than most digitizing tablets & supports WinTAB, which bases Windows95/Windows98/ME/NT/2000/XP platform.

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•    Changeable cutting head blade with multi-function
•    Shaking cut, punching, fix needle, Silver pen sign point
•    Vacuum adsorption is able to set to adsorb the partial small leather piece
•    Fast finish cutting the small batch order
•    Can fast cut the Dermis leather; Man-made Leather, Fiberboard, PVC etc.
•    Auto change between Blade. Pen and Punch
•    After finishing the pen drawing, and auto change to blade to cut the leather, then finish punching continuously; All actions work smoothly, easy & fast
•    The projector system is able to take the piece by right & left foot according to pattern name, size. Even if the operator is not skillful , he still could operate easy
•    Touch screen control system
•    Operated with the best intuition, all functions are suitable to every user. You could choose multiple kinds of language software version

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Richpeace vertical inkjet cutting plotter

•    Easy connection with USB cable.
•    Printing Head technology so that easy and convenient to replace.
•    Compatible with most popular brands of Garment CAD software outputted HP-GL format files.
•    Servo motors ensure high speed and smooth working.
•     It works 3-5 times faster than traditional method.

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•    Multi-tool head of new design to use and quickly change fixed and oscillating knives, prickers, punchers and pen
•    Total CE safety guaranteed by a photocell protecting the cutting area
•    Best visibility of the patterns thanks to a high brightness projector
•    With FlashCut 2500 accurate dieless cutting is now easier and cheaper
•    The high speed in cutting and punching, the user friendliness and the low running costs make it the ULTIMATE solution for small and medium production runs for every company

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Richpeace TM series cutter/plotter solution, consisting of a fixed table cutter/plotter, automatic feed-up device and operating software, lets you produce all your patterns, samples and prototypes. Compatible with all popular CAD systems, it is used for garment, shoes and box-bag industry, etc. This sturdy, high quality machine guarantees extreme precision and speed, regardless of the cutting conditions.

•    Continuous cutting for the long pattern and marker, and no need of dividing it into several parts
•    Continuous and non stop paper feed roll with an independent Roll Mechanical Device
•    Special and Durable material make the cutting surface smooth, cut easier and precise
•    Long & Hard Knife design for various materials like thick cardboard, PVC and plastic board, etc.
•    Breakthrough Tradition, Pattern Auto-Cutting, High Precision and Swiftness


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Richpeace Second-Generation Magic Inkjet Plotter

•    1. With stable high-speed printing, HP (quality mode) / high-speed (efficiency mode) two printing modes can be adjusted, 2-cartridge with maximum printing speed at 110㎡/h, 4-cartridge with maximum printing speed at 200㎡/h., both quality and efficiency, to meet a variety of process requirements.
•    2. High-strength aviation grade aluminium profile + precision transmission components (BANDO high precision synchronous belt+NSK bearing), maximize the lifetime of equipment, ensure 7×24 hours continuous work, suitable for long-time and large-scale drawing.
•    3. Industrial grade PC transparent glass window, other than dust & force resistance, highly provided safety factor as well.
•    4. Servo motor control + Linear Scale Encoder, to ensure high stability and printing accuracy.
•    5. Bitmap function: Import general image files into Richpeace clothing CAD, then you can edit and print out the marker with bitmap, which is very suitable for the current popular customization design

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Shanghai Yin Science & Technology, a Japanese company based in China, specializing in the production of high end CAM solutions, with years of research and promotion has developed the advanced automatic cutting system with manpower saving, high efficiency and high precision. Shanghai Yin Science & Technology's production team consists of Japanese machinery experts. Customer service personnel are all trained in Japanese headquarters. The advantage of making machinery production localization into reality brings an auto cutting system with high quality, best price and overall after-sales service to national garments makers.

Services offered


We run a CAD Studio, fully equipped with the latest pattern making, grading and marker making software, for the benefit of garment makers who want to outsource the making of patterns.

Job work Services at our Studio:

•    Making first pattern through the measurement specs and sketch/sample of garment
•    Graded pattern outputs
•    Fabric consumptions
•    File conversions (data exchange between files from other CAD systems).
•    A service we provide exclusively to all Richpeace CAD users: Any Richpeace CAD user with Internet access can send us any files received from their buyers in DXF, DXF AAMA, IBA, GGT, TMP, etc., formats. We will mail them back the files in Richpeace format. The Richpeace CAD users can mail us the files on
•    Pattern/Marker Plotting


Studio Next offers CAD Design consulting and designing services to cater to the textile and apparel industries. Our CAD Studio is fully equipped with all the latest fashion and textile design software for designing, 3D draping, styling, etc.

Design Services at our Studio:
•    Fabric print developments, print modifications, making colorways
•    Creating original woven fabric designs based on the weave pattern and fabric count (plain, stripes, checks, yarn dyed stripes/ checks, etc.). The simulated fabric printout looks like real fabric, thus reducing the time wasted in getting the actual fabrics made on sample looms
•    Can do 3D draping, of your designs on different models, thus giving you a realistic simulation of all the materials and colors on a model photograph, substantially reducing the overhead costs involved in making the actual samples
•    Preparing the storyboards and layouts of a collection, giving you a complete new design catalogue for your collection
•    Making Technical 2D sketches and technical production sheets
•    We can undertake the complete styling and sampling of your garments and help you in forecasting and finding proper fabric, trims, accessories, etc required to enhance the garments for sampling
•    Pattern/Marker Plotting


We offer AMC services for regular maintenance of your software and hardware, for uninterrupted working of your CAD, after the warranty period is over, on a chargeable basis, which offers the following benefits to customers.

•    You've made your investment in the Richpeace Garment CAD equipment that your company uses on a daily basis. A smart way to make the most of this investment is to go for an AMC.
•    For a small annual fee, wewill give you all preventative maintenance and repairs. The AMC covers costs on account of labour, mileage (if on site), software and hardware support, no matter how many times the equipment breaks down.
•    You can confidently budget a fixed amount and won't be subject to unexpected repair bills for the duration of the contract. Customers with service contracts receive the highest priority; so your most vital equipment will be repaired quickly and save you potentially thousands of Rupees in lost productivity.
•    Software updates would be provided free of cost if you have an AMC.



For the ease and benefit of our customers we also supply plotter paper rolls at very reasonable rates. In case you have a problem sourcing the plotter paper roll, which needs a specific core diameter, you can let us know and we will provide the rolls as per your requirement.


For the benefit of our customers we also keep a stock of all the important spares required for hardware like Digitizer, Plotters, Cutter Plotters, etc. We also have a spares kit, which you can be bought and kept to be used in times of emergency breakdown.

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